1964-1970 "Inspiration imaginaire"

First paintings, first impressions


Années 60
Raphaël Toussaint was born in 1937 in La Roche sur Yon where he later trained to sing.

He began to paint in 1964 but still had to earn a living.

He is self-taught and is now able to devote all his time to painting.

He exhibits at the Salon d’Automne of which he is a member and he also has work at the Salon Comparaisons and the Salon des Indépendants.

Private collectors in France, Germany, England and the USA have acquired his work.

His talents as a singer have stood him in good stead. His work is a gentle melody, the echo of folksongs from the past. His is the serene voice of everyday scenes and everyday people. You only have to admire his exquisitely painted figures livening his snow white landscapes to be inspired by what he depicts. These pictures have nothing in common with the modern ski resort. They are landscapes where the snow has taken it into its head to bring its Christmas cheer. His summer scenes, where flowers blossom like the smiles of children playing nearby, are just as charming.

Life’s music – be it comical, tender or bitter-sweet – chimes out over a magic landscape graced with neat little houses and their red-tiled roofs, elegant manor houses and trees bedecked with rich, red fruit. His paintings are something like a procession at Corpus Christi, full of flowers and summer days.

Perhaps Vendée’s deep meaning lies in its hospitality and traditions. The communion between painter and birthplace is such that boundaries disappear and each can be mutually mistaken for the other to such an extent that without one the other would not exist.
Dr J.S. (Dr J.S. (Connoisseur and collector)