1980-2000 "Paysages Vendéens"

3rd Period
1980 onwards


It was then I set about looking at the landscape of Vendée differently, with greater intensity.
Deep down, I had always known that beauty does exist even if at times it is overlooked or misunderstood. All too often, we make do with approximations or poor copies of what is really beautiful.
Our own complacency and lack of courage about changing the situation encourages the general spread of ugliness, mediocrity, vulgarity, that which is facile. 
                Raphaël Toussaint
Why landscapes ?
René Robin
"Les Très Riches Heures de Raphaël Toussaint" by Paul Guth
Artistic involvment by Henri Griffon
Portrait of a man, portrait of a painter by Jeanne Bourin